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Check here for help with P&G/AOL episodes. Problem resolution, how to view video's, player streams, episodes not available, etc. Ask questions related
to if needed here.
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I asked about the possiblilty of more than 3 episodes per week and the technical issues at the embedded players at the AOL website and got an interesting
response........ ... 2411&pli=1

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Budgeted for 3 episodes? Very interesting indeed. That means that someone down the food chain is having to pay for those 12
shows a week.

Regardless, I am still very grateful for those 12 episodes that they make available. I just hope it continues until all 4
shows reach their end.


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I am wondering if the budgeting they reference is not pertaining to the shows themselves, but to the individual(s) responsible for encoding and posting them?
It's likely a pretty time consuming process, since some of those early episodes showed evidence that perhaps they have to edit out commercials, tags, etc.
Just something to ponder.

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That's a very good point. We know these episodes originally had commercials and sponsor tags that were removed for the
online version. In a recent TEON episode you can hear the announcer say Edge of Night during the fade of the opening credits and it's obvious that the AW
openings are edited being as they end abruptly right before you would've heard 'the first part of Another World is brought to you by'...

What would've been nice is for them to have left the original ads in the shows so we could see what products P&G was selling at the time and which
products are no longer being made.

Having uploaded material to you tube, I know first hand how long it takes to edit video. It's not an easy process by any stretch of the imagination.
Regardless, whomever is doing the editing is lucky because they can see the shows almost exactly as broadcast. I wouldn't mind that job myself.

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I just saw Another world being added to a web site called with alot of other televison shows.

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It is good to see that Chuck received a reply to his posting on the Procter & Gamble blog.

Here's a comment I just posted on the P&G blog entry about their collaboration with (

Image Derek said...

Thank you so much for making the 1991 episodes available again to the devoted Soapnet viewers on

You are also to be commended for the AOL initiative with AW, Edge, Texas and SFT. I've so enjoyed seeing clips from Texas, which has remained my favorite
after almost 30 years. We're now up to the segments when Texas gelled with cast and crew after initial growing pains.

The previous poster has pointed out the frustrations with AOL lately. The earliest posted episodes were extremely easy to access, but the site lately has been
very user-unfriendly. Is there any way to revert to whatever technology you were using at the beginning?

When I checked recently, only the last episodes posted of each of the four shows were available. An additional problem was a "rewind" effect after
each commercial when the previous segment would unravel at fast speed before the next portion of the episode would appear.

One additional wish list item. Would it be possible to repost all the episodes from the beginning so we can see all the scenes with the late and great veterans
such as Beverlee McKinsey and Larry Haines? I so wanted to go back and watch the AW episode again where Mac learns that Mitch is the father of Rachel's
baby. Best soap moment ever in my opinion!

Thanks again. Have you notified the musems of broadcasting in NYC and Chicago about your on-line episodes at AOL and Hulu?

6:42 PM

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Is the only way to communicate with P&G to add a comment to one of their blog entries? Just wondering if I was missing something here.... I didn't see
any kind of link to send them a message or email, so all I did was put the comments/questions under one of their EDGE blog entries.

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I absolutely agree with you, EONSFTFAN, that having the soap episodes with their original commercials intact would be so much
more preferable.

I always get a kick out of these ignoramuses who sell alleged "classic TV" video and use the tag "contains no commercials" or
"commercials edited out," as if that's a selling point. To me, the original commercials are part of the package. particularly if from programming
before the 1980's. And with the soaps it's an intricate part of the programming, at least with
the P&G-sponsored shows.

I mean, we're talking characters such as "Josephine the Plumber," "Madge The Manicurist" (I
know she was Colgate-Palmolive, not P&G, but I swear those ads also ran on P&G soaps, so must have sold some of the time to non-P&G sponsors) and
"Mr. Goodwin" (Crest toothpaste)--c'mon!!

Yes, I can appreciate that it takes time to edit
out commercials. But these days I think most are used to the fast forward buttons, and commercials can come in handy,
either as their own form of vintage programming or as a bathroom/snack break time-waster, an alternative to pausing, which wears down equipment.


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Actually, jack6615, I have often had a problem with this when trying to still watch episodes on AOL, before I
discovered that most of the links are now here on SoapWorld (for "Search For Tomorrow" anyway).

And I had at one time found an e-mail link to the P&G Classic Soaps Blog only, but they don't make it easy to
find. If I can retrace my steps in finding it, I'll private message you with the address. I don't want to post publicly, for fear they'll remove it
totally, which will leave everybody in the lurch.

AOL generally is very user-unfriendly, will only offer support of any kind to paid members, especially, one would
guess, now that their once main function (as an Internet service provider) has been usurped by so many other companies. I had to go through layers of links
just to find a couple of useless e-mail links; once bluffed my way through a toll free phone #, but was stopped at a certain menu option when I could provide
no account number.

Another option if you cannot wait till I get back to you (and this is good advice generally) is that I have
heard & read that, believe it or not, businesses still often respond to the old-fashioned snailmail method. I guess their rationale is that anybody who
would take that much time & effort is more serious and deserves a response at least. Whatever the
case, writing a letter (a typewritten one is permissible, in fact preferred unless your handwriting is calligraphic) and mailing it with a first-class postage
stamp still apparently gets results.