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Newbies please stop in and introduce yourselves so we may welcome you to SoapWorld.

11 Feb 2009, 15:52 #1

A General Hospital (Jason and Liz) lover for years and years. I remember watching the classics like Edge of Night and Another World with my mom and grandma. I
have even met their portrayers, Steve and Rebecca in person and run my own site for them as well.

I live in Central Ontario and have 2 grown daughters and 5 beautiful grandbabies. And I can't forget to mention the cat. Choclate. Anyways, nice to know
you are here and I can stop back to visit from time to time!

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11 Feb 2009, 20:22 #2

Hey. Welcome to SoapWorld. Glad you decided to join us. I catch GH some these days. I'll have to check out your board.

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12 Feb 2009, 18:02 #3

Good afternoon laurieluvsliason. Welcome to the board. I was General Hospital once in awhile, but it's been a long time since I have seen an episode. I
sometimes catch the marathons on the weekend on SoapNet, but don't always remember when they are on. This is a great board. I look forward getting to
know you and reading your posts.

I loved Another World and watched it for 15 years before it went off the air. I miss it alot. I used to go to their Fan Club Luncheons when they were still
on the air so I have met alot of the stars and even have pictures to prove it!

I will have to check out your board in the next couple of days.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

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31 May 2010, 11:38 #4

Welcome to the site!

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