Instructions on how to view the videos in the FLV stream format............

Check here for help with P&G/AOL episodes. Problem resolution, how to view video's, player streams, episodes not available, etc. Ask questions related
to if needed here.
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I wouldn't bother with AOL's embedded player pages as there are continuous problems there and who knows when they will fix it.

Using a program called the URL snooper,I was able to get these hidden URLs and have had no problems viewing the videos. ... index.html

On the first day that they post the episodes,the correct URL(the one that I post)comes up in the AOL player,but within a day or two another URL with RTMP
shows up and it is a non working address(although AOL has recently fixed that problem).

For example,these are the URLs that come up in AOL's players and they are non active URLs(these URLs are now active,but can only be played in the FLV



AOL must have an automated system that replaces the working URL with the alternate one,but they don't check to see if it is active.

Having said that,I recommend using the direct URLs that I have on this board.

The direct links that I post here should work for you,if you either install VLC media player or a codec for windows media player.

If you are having problems viewing the links to the AOL videos now in the FLV format,here are detailed instructions by me on how to view them...........

Here are some things to try............

What type of browser are you using?

I use Firefox and when I use that browser,clicking on the URLs will bring up a download box and after about ten minutes,the video will save to your computer.

If you try to do more than one video at a time,it will take a lot longer.

Since I don't prefer to use Internet Explorer(because I can't stand the format of IE!),I don't prefer to do it there,but for testing purposes,I
have tried it there and it does work.

If you can't find the video after you downloaded it,look in your folders where you usually store videos or you can set up your browser to put them on your

If you don't want to store the videos on your computer,here is another option.....

Open up windows media player,move the mouse up to the top,right click and then select "file" and then "Open URL".

Cut any of these URLs and then paste it into the space in the open url box.

Texas episodes 257-259 ... _220_700_d l.flv ... _220_700_d l.flv ... _220_700_d l.flv

Episode 257-Thursday,August 6,1981

Episode 258-Friday,August 7,1981

Episode 259-Monday,August 10,1981

AW episodes 4330-4332........ ... rworld_aw0 4330_220_700_dl.flv ... rworld_aw0 4331_220_700_dl.flv ... rworld_aw0 4332_220_700_dl.flv

Episode 4330-Thursday,July 23,1981

Episode 4331-Friday,July 24,1981

Episode 4332-Monday,July 27,1981

SFT episodes 8804-8806......... ... earchforto morrow_st08804_220_700_dl.flv ... earchforto morrow_st08805_220_700_dl.flv ... earchforto morrow_st08806_220_700_dl.flv

Episode 8804-Thursday September 19,1985

Episode 8805-Friday September 20,1985

Episode 8806-Monday September 21,1985

EON episodes 6298-6300......... ... 700_dl.flv ... 700_dl.flv ... 700_dl.flv

Episode 6298-Tuesday July 8,1980

Episode 6299-Wednesday July 9,1980

Episode 6300-Thursday July 10,1980

Do you have the latest version of Windows Media player,which is #11?

If you can't get the streams to play in windows media(whether you saved it to your computer or viewing the direct stream URL),you need to get the codecs
that will enable flv streams to play in that player.

Here is a page that has a link for getting those codecs....... ... 56565.html

Here is the FLV Player-S that works as well,but the quality is a little shakier than viewing through VLC(the RTMP version of these videos will play in this

For Mac users try installing this swfflv player........ ... layer.html
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The latest version of VLC Media player will play these streams and has the codec for FLV streams built in,so you
don't need to install it separately......................


Latest Version


Once you install VLC,it will put an icon on your desktop(that looks like an orange and white street construction cone).

Cut any of the URLs that I have posted and then open up VLC then select "file" and the "open network stream".

Then a box will pop up and then you choose http/https/ftp/mms and then paste the URL into the box that says "customize" and then click

In a few seconds the video should play.
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KM player will also play these FLV streams as well...............

Media Player Classic.......
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One more thing to add,if you don't want to use Windows Media Player and install VLC media player,Media Player Classic or KM Player,you don't have to
install the codecs ,since they are already built in to these players.

For example,I tested this out on my sister's computer(a 5 year old Windows XP,which doesn't have the WMP codecs installed)and installed VLC and it
played the videos with no problem.

She doesn't have a lot of things installed on her system,so VLC or any one of those media players will work.