how to download on your computer to dvd

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I want to record all my episode to a dvd.I have a dvd burner on my compuer but i can't figure out how to do it.Could someone please help me.I have a dell
computer.Thank you.linda

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Hi. I'm not sure how to do this. I'm going to move your post to the Problem/resolution board. I hope someone there can help.

I want to say I saw a post about how do do that there.

You may want to check.

Here's the link.

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Is your Dell computer a Windows system?

If it is,this is what I think you should try:

Find the icon for the downloaded video and right click on it. A menu of options will show up and then you would left click on "send to".

Then another set of options will show up,and then you select "DVD/CD-RW Drive(:E)"(this could differ depending on your computer,but as long as it has
DVD in it,this should be the correct option).

After that,I'm not sure what option to try next,since my computer only has a CD drive and I record with my separate DVD recorder.

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Hi Chuck,

Although what you said is correct, the files would have to be in another format in able to be played on a standard DVD player. An FLV file by itself simply
will not play unless it is converted to AVI(DIVX) and then burned to disc. There are several software programs that convert FLV to WMV, AVI or other formats
but the simplest way is to do what you suggested in another thread and get a device that allows the computer to be displayed on your TV. That way there is no
converting involved.


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For those of you who do not want to bother with recording the AOL soap videos using ancillary devices (cables,
laptops, DVR systems, sound & video cards, etc.), there is a fairly simple way to download and convert the files,.in such a manner that they will be playable on the
standard Window Media Player and watchable on most DVD stand-alone systems (and thus on your TV set).

First, make sure that these are only the more recent .flv video files, not from the old, embedded AOL players in .wmv format, which may no longer download as easily, if at all.

Then--download the VLC player, which Chuck the moderator had recommended to me before and is explained elsewhere on
this site (or else just Google around for a free version of it). Once installed, you will then be able to at least watch the AOL soap videos (in the case of
"Search For Tomorrow" from about episode #8715 on) by simply right-clicking and "Save Target As"
(if using Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (if using Firefox/Mozilla) on your computer, even should you not choose or desire to go through the
conversion process which permits the video files'portability for laptops and stand-alone DVD players..

Then, if you'd prefer to watch on a Windows Media Player on your computer and
also be able to put the files on discs/flashsticks (USB drives) so you may watch them on a laptop or stand-alone DVD player, without having to bother with all
that other hook-up equipment Chuck mentioned, just download the free and very helpful video downloader program called vdownloader, which is now up to version 0.73. You may easily find free versions of this program through the search engine of your choice.

Once installed, first make sure that "VCD (NTSC)" is pre-selected in the "Output Format" field of the
vdownloader program. Then just select the .flv (flash) file of your "SFT" or AOL soap episode
(from wherever you've saved it on your hard drive) from the "Encode Video File" section of the "File" drop-down menu of
vdownloader, and save the "To Be Converted" (my title,
for differentiation purposes) file to its destination. The video file will then be in a Windows-supported format (.mpeg) which may then be saved to a CD/DVD
disc or **** as a VCD file, and thus playable on a stand-alone DVD player or laptop using the Windows Media Player.

I found that one may fit about 20 episodes of these 30-minute (without commercials) episodes of "SFT" on a standard 4.7 GB DVD+R/+RW disc, which is really what one should use if one wishes to preserve video more or
less permanently (from what I have read experts say in terms of eventual oxidation, image/sound loss, etc..). Now, if you're downloading & converting
hour-long soaps, then figure about 10 episodes per standard DVD+ format disc.

For CDs, which is really not economical for video,.adjust accordingly, but obviously will hold less episodes. Economy-priced flashsticks (including ones that
hold the same 4.7 GB as DVD+ format discs) may be found at stores specializing in computer merchandise (Micro Center, Staples, etc.), but avoid discount
pharmacy chains (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen's etc.), consumer electronics stores (Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc.) and in most cases department stores (K-Mart, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart), although occasionally the latter may have sale

I have taken particular note in the past year of how obscenely high & variably priced are the stickers on flashsticks/portable USB drives. As the
adage goes--"Buyer beware!"

I hope the above information will be helpful to some who may be as confused about this process as I once was,
although I am still trying to figure out how to simply download the older, AOL soap video files, the ones from before AOL downgraded to .flv format from .wmv.
It is my understanding that many of the links posted in the Procter & Gamble Classic Soaps video section of "SoapWorld" (at least in the
"Search For Tomorrow" section) may no longer work, but I would at least like to know of some methods which
have been successful for others in the past, preferably the recent past.

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Another process I am told works well, though I've not specifically used it for these AOL soap files, is Real
Player 11's new, built-in video downloader/recorder. But one must be using an Internet Explorer (IE) browser to use it, as Mozilla's latest versions no
longer support it.

Just go to the website where the video originates (in this case, the particular Procter & Gamble Classic Soaps' video page on AOL) and a RealPlayer
pop-up tool.will appear; then "Save Video To" the file destination.

Once downloaded, and if still wishing to convert for portability (as per my previous instructions), instead of the .flv file, look for the .rm file and select that as one uses the vdownloader program to covert to VCD (NTSC), to be able to watch the episodes on one's TV through a stand-alone DVD player, or
on a laptop..