HELP!--problems downloading older episodes/playability of more recent episodes

Check here for help with P&G/AOL episodes. Problem resolution, how to view video's, player streams, episodes not available, etc. Ask questions related
to if needed here.
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I never quite got it straight, but how does one
download those earliest episodes of "Search For Tomorrow," the ones with "mms" and
"rtsp" in the links?

Also, I would like to be able to put all the
"Search For Tomorrow" episodes on DVD, but with the more recent episodes, when
I've watched them on my DVD player, there is this annoying, screeching sound. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

What I do is save the links of the URLs provided here on SoapWorld, then I use one or the other of two
video downloader programs--one I have installed on my hard drive called VDownloader
or another at, to get them into a format which will,
supposedly, be watchable on disc. But,. as I say, lately the episodes I've transferred to DVD have been emitting this loud, screeching noise.

As I said, the
very earliest episodes I have never been able to download from here on SoapWorld, the ones which are
supposedly playable on Real Player and/or VLC. Could someone please re-post those instructions for how to plot those earliest URLs--the ones with
"rtsp" and "mms"--into RealPlayer and VLC?

Lastly, does anyone out there have all the AOL episodes of "Search For Tomorrow" on DVD, who would be
willing to copy them for me, if I provided the discs and some $$ remuneration for the time and labor?
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Can anyone answer this? I would but I can't.