FAQs for the AOL videos...........

Check here for help with P&G/AOL episodes. Problem resolution, how to view video's, player streams, episodes not available, etc. Ask questions related
to if needed here.
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12 Aug 2008, 20:12 #1

1.When does AOL post new episodes?

AOL usually posts the episodes,one at a time on Mondays,Wednesdays and


When any of the episodes first become available,I post all the URLs for Texas,AW,SFT and EON in their respective boards.

Although AOL has been only posting one episode at a time recently,it is easier for me to post all 3 episode URLs for each show at once,since the additional
episodes usually do show up throughout the week.

If it is determined that there is a missing episode,I will edit my posting to alert everyone to that.

2.It's Monday,where are the new episodes?

If AOL hasn't posted anything by 7pm central on Monday,

then they could post it Tuesday,Wednesday,or even as late as Thursday.

The converting and uploading of the episodes probably takes time,so

there can and will be times when AOL will post the episodes later than


3.Why has AOL skipped some episodes?

Since these videos are over 20 years old,there can be missing

and/or damaged episodes that AOL is unable to post.

4.I can't get these URLs to play........

If you can't play these videos,then you need to either install a codec


allows you to view FLV formatted videos in Windows Media player or

install a player with the codecs already built in.

Here is a page that has a link for getting those codecs.......

http://www.download.com/Mediastore-Play ... 56565.html

Here is an FLV player that works as well,but the quality is a little

shakier than viewing through VLC............


For Mac users try installing this swfflv player........

http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/v ... layer.html

KM player will also play these FLV streams as well...............


Media Player Classic.......


5.Is AOL going to repost the WMV streamed episodes that they removed a

few months ago?

Since AOL has moved to the FLV format,it doesn't look like they will

repost the episodes that were in the WMV format.

There are several earlier WMV formatted episodes still available,

but since AOL removed their embedded player pages,they could

eventually become unavailable.

6.When I view the videos at AOL video,I just get looping commercials....

Don't bother with AOL's embedded players and just use the direct URLs

that I post on this board.
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27 Aug 2008, 03:22 #2

Thanks Chuck. With regards to your last point, here is a note I just left on one of the AOL Texas episode pages. As you'll see, I've thanked AOL
and P&G for their initiative, but at the same time also passed on word that the AOL viewer is extremely user-unfriendly. In Canada, we cannot access Hulu,
but from the comments I've been reading from all of you, it sounds like it is a breeze to access. I trust everyone is enjoying the 1991 AW episodes. It
was great that someone flagged the "new" 1981 AW theme in episode 4362. I just went there to check it out.

The last Texas episode posted (289) pops up effortlessly, but the earlier shows like this one fail to appear. This is such a great initiative on the part
of AOL and Procter & Gamble. Please do whatever you can to make this a more viewer-friendly site for fans. Many of us are trying to promote your site to
others, but they may end up being turned off due to technical difficulties.

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27 Aug 2008, 05:17 #3

I found this on the AW Freepower board,which will let those of you in Canada to view the Hulu episodes.........

"Go to www.anchorfree.com & download Hotspot Shield then go to Hulu & watch!!"

Posters there are saying it should work,so give it a try.

AW Freepower board

Although Hulu does work better than AOL's embedded players(which most of us never use anyway,LOL!),I can't get any hidden stream URL from there,so the
episode has to be viewed through their player.

I just record the live stream with my DVD recorder,which is the most easy way to save the 1991 episodes.
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03 Sep 2008, 23:33 #4

As of 6:30pm on Wednesday,AOL still hasn't posted the second episode for each show yet.

It is possible that they could show up later on tonight,tomorrow or even on Friday.

The update schedule for AOL has been known to flucuate,so nothing to worry about,as I'm sure we will get the additional episodes we are waiting
for(especially ep294 of Texas).

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06 Sep 2008, 00:48 #5

The second episodes showed up after 8pm on Wednesday.

As of 7:45pm Friday,AOL still hasn't posted the third episode for each show.

It could show up later on tonight,this weekend or even Monday,which happened a few weeks ago.

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24 Oct 2008, 00:17 #6

An addition to the FAQ list.......

Why don't all of the links work?

AOL now adds one episode at a time throughout the week(Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday)and even though all 3 episodes are not available at
the same time,it is easier for me to post all 3 URLs at once,since they will all be available later on in the week.

I will include what episode is available in the post and when additional episodes become available,I will edit everything to reflect that addition.

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21 Nov 2008, 08:14 #7

The updates from AOL have been known to flucuate,so here is what to usually expect.........

1)Three episodes posted for AW,EON,SFT and Texas one at a time each week(unless there is a missing episode).

2)Monday or Tuesday for the first "new" episode,Wednesday for the second,and Friday for the third .

3)If the first episodes of the new week for each show aren't available on Monday,then they could show up on Tuesday or Wednesday.

4)If the first episode of the week shows up on Wednesday,then the second episode could be delayed until Thursday or sometimes could show up along with the

5)If the third episode isn't available on Friday,then it could show up on Monday or even during the weekend.

6)If the first new episode of the week hasn't shown up on Wednesday,then AOL might delay it until Thursday.
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27 Nov 2008, 03:16 #8

As of Wednesday at 9pm,AOL still hasn't made any "new" episodes available yet.

It is possible that they could post two episodes on Thursday and then the third on Friday.

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28 Nov 2008, 01:53 #9

Still no new episodes as of Thursday evening.

Hopefully,AOL will post all three episodes for this week tomorrow,but if not they could be taking Thanksgiving week off and then the episodes could show up on

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29 Nov 2008, 01:09 #10

It looks like AOL video took the week off for Thanksgiving,so no new episodes this week.

Hopefully by Monday,they will post all three episodes for this week.

Also,AOL will be outsourcing the management of all video content to Brightcove in January,so it is possible that they now have less people in charge of posting
the videos.

Maybe when Brightcove takes over,the videos will be posted a lot faster then they currently are.