Don't use the AOL Video embedded players..............

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Problems continue with AOL's embedded players.........

The first day that they post the episodes,the http version of the FLV stream is the URL that AOL is putting in the embedded players(those are the URLs that I
post here)and those links are working ones.

However,by the next day,AOL replaces that URL in their players with one that starts with RTMP and those URLs are not active,working links.

This has occured for AW ep4327-4330,Texas 254-257,EON 6295-6296 and SFT 8802-8805,but the latest episodes of each show posted today,is in the http FLV URL
through their troubled embedded player.

So,that is why the episodes will not load over at AOL,so I recommend using the URLs that I post here,as AOL will probably keep posting the non-active RTMP URLs
there and it will take them a while to fix that problem.
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