conducting a new interview with PAMELA K. LONG soon, re: the passing of Gail Kobe

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Hey guys:

My name is Brandon, and I host a radio show on entitled Brandon's Buzz.  (http://www.blogtalkradio/brandonsbuzz is the link.) 

In September 2009, I did an interview with the great headwriter Pamela K. Long regarding the cancellation of Guiding Light, and that interview got a lot of traction on this board because we spoke for quite an extended period about Pam's tenure as an actress and writer on Texas under producer Gail Kobe.  With Ms. Kobe's recent passing, I have reached back out to Pam, and she has agreed to come back on my show to discuss working with her on both Texas and GL.

Several of you emailed me after that original interview aired with comments and additional questions; I don't know how many people still frequent this board, but I got so many great notes and and more specific questions to ask Pam at that time, and it looks like I'll finally be getting a chance to ask those questions. 

I was wondering if any of you reading this have any particular questions about Texas or about Gail and Pam's time running that show that you might like answered?  I'll confess that I don't know much about Kobe's tenure as a soap producer --- I came of age in the generation just after hers, with producers like Al Rabin and Laurie Caso and Paul Rauch --- but it was clear to me that Pam really loved working with Gail, and I would love to know what the true die-hard fans of their work together would like to know more about.

You can respond here in this thread if you would like, or you can feel free to email me questions to:  [email protected].  Will be conducting the interview likely in the next week to ten days. 

Thanks so much,