About the 3 different speeds available for the AOL videos........

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All of the AOL videos can be viewed in 3 different speed levels,most of the time.....

1)700 kbps:This is the highest quality version that is available,but in some rare cases(like ep6360 of EON and 319 of Texas)the video may not be available at
this speed for a few days.

2)460 kbps:This is the medium-high quality version and IMO,this version is still as good as the 700 version,maybe with a tiny bit of digital

3)220 kbps:This is the absolute lowest quality available and with shaky/jerky movements in the video and a lot of noticeable digital artifacting/ghosting.

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I think the different speed levels also have different audio tracks as well. The 700 and 460 speed come with a "stereo" track, while the 220 speed
has only a "mono" track. If you have a player like the VLC media player, you can switch between the sound tracks very easily when watching the 700 or
460 speed. So if the "stereo" track is a bit messed up or in fact plays no audio, you can switch to the "mono" track and chances are the
audio will be correct or play a little better there.
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