About AOL not posting "new" episodes last week........

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30 Dec 2008, 02:54 #1

I'm sure that there is some concern that AOL hasn't posted any "new" episodes of AW,EON,SFT and Texas in over a week.

Since last week was Christmas,they took the week off,just like they did on Thanksgiving,but the episodes showed up the Monday after that.

That isn't the case this week,as they still haven't posted last week's episodes.

It is a possiblity that those episodes could show up later on this week,along with the episodes for this week.

However,New Year's Day is this week as well and AOL could be taking this week off as well,so if we get nothing this week,I wouldn't be concerned about

There is also the matter of AOL handing over the video management over to Brightcove in January,so that could be causing a delay as well.

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01 Jan 2009, 11:40 #2

A few hours ago,AOL removed the embedded player pages for all but one episode of AW,EON,Texas and SFT(the hidden stream URLs on this board still work).
Also,the link to the P&G classic soaps section has been removed from the main page at AOL Video,but can still be accessed through this page..


Although this does seem like a bad sign,I still don't think that is is.

A few months ago,this same thing happened for a day or two(with the link being removed on the main page). AOL is probably experiencing a lot of technical
issues with the upcoming switch to Brightcove players and content management.

The P&G classic blog is still up,so hopefully this is just a technical glitch.

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